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Adam's dog, Coco, with painting

"After dedicating 25 years of life to exploring the intricacies of music, Adam Mills decided in 2017 to embark on a new artistic odyssey, experimenting with  the boundless possibilities of oil painting. This bold shift allowed Adam to channel his passion, emotions, and keen sense of aesthetics onto a canvas, creating evocative works that resonate with the soul.

Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Mills has always been irresistibly drawn to the mesmerizing beauty of the Florida landscapes, cloudscapes, and waterscapes. This love affair with the natural world, combined with an insatiable curiosity for the interplay of light and color, serves as the foundation for his artistry. It's a journey of exploration, interpretation, and connection—a quest to capture the essence of Florida's unique and ever-changing environments.


In addition, Adam travels part-time throughout the US and internationally, soaking in the diverse and inspiring landscapes that this planet has to offer. This nomadic spirit infuses his work with a rich tapestry of experiences, reflecting the kaleidoscope of visual perspectives found in the various corners of the world.

Nestled on the enchanting Gulf Coast of Florida, Mills has established both a home base and a sanctuary for his artistic endeavors. His home studio, just steps from the serene waters of the

Tampa Bay, is a haven where creativity flows naturally with the tides."

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