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    Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Adam Mills now resides in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Since a young age, Adam has been inspired by the subtropical flora and fauna of his home state.  One of his first jobs was as a Junior Park Ranger at Little Talbot Islands State Park.  It’s easy to see how his appreciation and love for nature translates into his often meticulously detailed drawings and oil paintings.


    From 2017-2019, without any formal training, Adam was chosen as a resident of CoRK Arts District in Jacksonville, FL.  While in residency, Mills became enthralled with what he found to be "therapeutic properties of creating and viewing art."  In addition, he was interviewed and featured on local news stations for selling his work and donating the proceeds to support his community whose homes and businesses were flooded in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. 


    Adam is currently working on a series of medium to large-scale oil paintings depicting lush, colorful landscapes with a debut solo show planned for 2021.


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